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Mobile App Prototype Animation
Design a website around the brand's new lead generation subsidiary, CloudFirst Leads4All, which will provide a platform for users to learn more about their services and interact with their lead data. Build a brand based off of the parent company that borrows predefined elements but gives them a fresh, fluid look. Create a mobile interface that feeds CloudFirst Solutions’ lead data into a user-friendly and feature-rich format. The app must include four pages: Analytics Dashboard, Lead Map, Contact Profile, and Quick Replies (Templates).

CloudFirst Solutions

3 weeks

Software Tools
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
CloudFirst Solutions, Expanding Cloud Possibilities with SAP
CloudFirst Solutions, an SAP partner that provides Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for small to mid-sized companies, recently acquired a new lead-generation partner called Simply Linked. CloudFirst needed a mobile application to feed their CSV lead data into an accessible format for its users under its subsidiary, CloudFirst Leads4All. The mobile app needed to provide quick access to key analytics and lead lists with contact information and a quick reply feature with templates for mobile-friendly messaging. 
Client Message & Tone
CloudFirst Solutions provides SAP expertise across a number of vertical sectors and is a market leader in Cloud ERP Solutions: SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions for SAP Business One, SAP Business ByDesign, and SAP Analytics Cloud.

CFS’ dedicated team of six works in partnership with small to mid-sized companies in all industries to ensure they optimize their software investment, operate profitably, and adapt continuously to achieve their purpose. From designing an industry-specific and scalable cloud solution, to deployment, education, and support, CloudFirst gives its customers the trust and understanding they need to transition into the digital age.
Launching a dynamic, functional website with an app to match.
The app consists of four pages: Analytics Dashboard, Lead Map, Contact Profile, and Quick Replies. The design of the website and app echo each other as an extension of their parent company by adding a vibrant splash of purple to CloudFirst Solutions’ dark red color scheme, then incorporating lots of waves and fluid lines. Both products were not only built with each other in mind, but also with an emphasis on quality user experience. 
Making waves in the SAP partner pool.
By expanding from their original goal of implementing ERP software into offering a lead generation service with user-friendly interfaces, CloudFirst Solutions is making SAP partner history. None of our competitors are offering that kind of functionality with streamlined CMS/ERP integration, let alone investing in well-designed multi-device interfaces.

Accelerate Sales with CloudFirst Leads4All Contacts & Multi-Touch Campaigns
Users can navigate through the website to discover a variety of membership packages, learn about the lead generation process, uncover key features & benefits, and log into their membership portal to access their leads. While on the go, they can quickly view high-opportunity regions, find new leads, browse their automatically-generated profiles, and even send them a quick templated response to start the conversation!
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